A unique mix of problem solving, values, tech behavior and research


Luis Bohorquez

I'm a Tech Behaviorist with a deep experience and knowledge in tech-media behavior, design, and research. I use technology to decode and understand people’s tech experiences. Through years of research, I've created and tested a unique framework to help bridge tech developers and designers with their client-users and teams through decoding users’ tech experiences (from a social, emotional and organizational value-perspective). My goal is to measure, create mutual understanding and educate on how people and technology can be better perceived, valued and accepted in multiple work and life situations. This translates into shared values, human and technology engagement and the design of optimal ways of organizing around technology.

I’ve been motivated by an undercurrent interest in the evolution of the ethical role of designers in the world of artificial intelligence, which made me start (8 years ago) an academic multidisciplinary research to understand the tech behavior of Tech Developers and UX Designers. My research goal was to discover the value-conditions of human-tech participation using AI systems in personal and professional contexts. I apply this expertise to improve people's work and life with technology while helping grow the company business and innovation goals.

I'm based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and works globally in English and Spanish.

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